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Historic Headlands Photographs

Please note that just like Headlands, this site is in the process of being demolished and rebuilt elsewhere. This will take a week or two.

I have been contacted by Jim Purdey whose son was working on the CCTV systems being removed as part of the demolition of the old school. He came across a number of old photographs which were due to be thrown away, and after finding this site offered them to me. I am in the process of scanning and publishing them, and have started by putting the first few online as a representative sample. Over the next few weeks I will get them all onto the site - there's probably about 100 overall. You can see the pictures here. The photographs are of Headlands and its predecessors Euclid Street School and the College Secondary School, which merged to form Headlands in 1952. Many thanks to Jim and his son.

If you are not already aware, Headlands is being knocked down and replaced by an academy controlled by a religious organization, and you can find the details here.

This page is a meeting point for anyone who was at Headlands in the 1970s. It exists both so that ex-Headlands people can find out about each other and to organize reunions - the last big reunion was on November 29 2008 at the John Moulton Hall in Penhill.  We also have small get togethers from time to time.

There is a list of people who we have remembered, contacted or met so far. Don't be offended if we haven't included you yet, but please click the link on that page to tell us about yourself or anyone else you remember. You can email me if you would like something changed. I also have some contact details from the guestbook at the last reunions, so if you're looking for someone I may have their number.

Please visit the discussion page and feel free to leave comments about anything related to Headlands, or anything else that you think ex-Headlands people would be interested in. Visitors to this site from other years now have their own page.

This site is owned, written and managed by Steve Jones (in Fairford) so please contact me by email or phone (01285 712003) if you have any ideas, suggestions or problems. This site is provided entirely for the benefit of ex-students of Headlands, and any information added to the site will not and must not be used for any commercial purpose.

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